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12 April 2019
Interning in New York City

Ella James recalls her two month interning for Max Mara in New York City.

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5 April 2019
Fashion through the ages

Over the decades, fashion trends come and go, some repeat themselves whilst others become timeless staples that we couldn’t imagine our lives and wardrobes without.

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7 March 2019
Dress like a boss

In the right outfit you can conquer the work commute, unruly clients, and the entire world. So, give your working wardrobe the promotion it deserves.

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19 January 2019
Getting dressed with Bess

Style catches up with BESS, the new brand on the block proving that versatility is king.

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4 December 2018
For the Wynn

Ella James catches up with Kiwi Designer Wynn Crawshaw.

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22 November 2018
Style and sustainability

When it comes to fashion, do you really know what constitutes as sustainable?

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23 October 2018
Style setters

Whether it’s colour, cut or style, you don’t want a strand out of place when you leave a salon. Let us introduce you to three Bliss Hair stylists known for their expert execution.

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10 October 2018
Show Pony Q&A

Liv Kinley and Carrie Broomhall, the creative duo creating outstanding race-day headwear, share their love of NZ Cup and Show Week.

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3 October 2018
World x Susi Meares
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3 October 2018
Elle + Riley store opening
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