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2 August 2019
Fashion is a home brand

Some of the biggest names in fashion, dabble, very well, in the world of home design.

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10 February 2019
Luxury that lasts

Ella James talks all things high quality with Deadly Ponies founder and designer Liam Bowden.

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4 February 2019
A life less ordinary - Trish Peng

Style caught up with Auckland-born-and-raised designer to find out exactly what it is that makes her life a little less than ordinary.

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19 January 2019
Getting dressed with Bess

Style catches up with BESS, the new brand on the block proving that versatility is king.

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4 December 2018
For the Wynn

Ella James catches up with Kiwi Designer Wynn Crawshaw.

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12 September 2018
From bubbles to Beyoncé

We caught up with well-known Kiwi shoe designer Kathryn Wilson to find out a little more about the woman behind the 15-year-old brand.

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