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A natural connection

The story started with a jetboat crash and an enamel teapot, and it has forged a partnership deeply connected to Wānaka’s natural environment.

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Boudoir boosters

These bedroom companions may actually help boost your sleep.

The road

It takes about 20 minutes to drive up the road to Mt Dobson Ski Area. And every inch of that road was created by a man who, despite reams of red tape and financial constraints, was determined to build a ski field.

Sanctuary escape

A place of retreat created in a Lyttelton backyard.


Inspired by Polish salt mines, an award-winning Wānaka bathroom was created to have a “cave-like” feeling.

The offcuts of creation

Hilary Jacomb uses the remains of fast fashion and a crochet hook to create bespoke homewares.


When it’s time for a different look, OCULA experts – like Roberta McIlraith – will ensure your eyewear is as fabulous as you are!

Designing a small space

What’s a ‘small’ garden? Usually urban, it could be many things – a strip between front fence and veranda, a pocket-sized backyard, a courtyard or patio, or even a balcony.

Coastal magic

Few localities display our pristine forests and beaches better than the deep south’s remote and ruggedly beautiful Catlins.

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