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It’s not flavoured water

It is meant to be a pathway to help smokers quit. But vaping has hit Canterbury schools ‘like a wave’. Is it something to be concerned about?
Words Shelley Robinson

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For the kids

Dairy-free Seedy Slice Getting involved in making food helps children to build a positive relationship with food. This seedy slice is so simple to make, and it makes a great baking project for the school […]

Kids and food

We learn about food from an early age, so the way we teach our kids to eat and nourish their bodies will have a profound, flow-on effect for their own children. We can see this […]

Getting intense

On average, New Zealanders look five years older than our northern hemisphere counterparts, says New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine (NZSCM) education officer Dr Paul Nola. We have our thin ozone layer and lack of […]

The highest bidder

Pretty in pink & in price If your beloved doesn’t at least attempt to get this 15.8-carat Sakura diamond for your engagement ring, then you may want to rethink the whole affair. All they need […]

Sugi House

Building 8000km away, with borders closed and countries in lockdown, would challenge the most determined of homeowners.But for a former Dunedin man and his wife, now living in Singapore, the result has been worth it.Unable […]


Dan Pearson went from being chased to school by machete-wielding thugs to working in Michelin-starred restaurants. But in high octane kitchens, chefs live in a near-constant state of stress and Dan had a decision to make.
Words Shelley Robinson

The connection

Some people said it wouldn’t work with the Southern Alps as the divider,
but Nevé founder Tessa Lyes and her mum Vicki Bastion are creating luxurious candles on opposite coastlines.
Words Shelley Robinson

Lilly and Caroline

Caroline Cooper-Dixon watched her mother build developments growing up. Now, they create communities together.
Words Shelley Robinson

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