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Charlotte Smulders



Leaders not followers.


Style magazine showcases aspirational living across all areas, including the best of art, home, travel and fashion.


Our team is made up of a diverse team of fun, energetic and positive people, who all call Christchurch home – despite coming from as far afield as Wales.


We enjoy life and practice what we preach, embodying Style magazine in our core values. You can find us researching the latest in home, fashion, food and lifestyle for our readers – and ourselves!


As discerning as our readers, we let only the best into the magazine we love.


In Style, on trend.

Kate Preece



Viv Montgomerie

Sales Manager


Gaynor Stanley

Sub Editor


Zoe Williams

Social Media & Marketing Manager


Gemma Quirk

Graphic Designer


Janine Oldfield

Account Executive


Juliana Young

Account Executive


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