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Hair-raising truths

13 August 2018

We’re all guilty of over-dying and over-styling our hair. But, did you know that we frequently make our hair suffer a significant amount of stress? Let us introduce you to the three culprits of damage that have infiltrated your haircare routine, without you even realising it.
Words Ella James


Cotton pillowcases are a real nightmare when it comes to causing friction, which in turn leads to tangled, unruly hair, especially if you frequently hit the hay with damp hair. However, a silk or satin alternative can prove to be an absolute dream come true when it comes to keeping your hair in tip-top shape. Of course, a full silk bed set with a robe to match may not be your cup of tea, so explore the range of silk hair wraps that are more than readily available. You’ll sleep easy knowing a simple swap is doing wonders for your locks.



Christchurch’s water has been chlorinated, and residents will likely be aware of the toll it’s taking
on our hair. Chlorine is notorious for stripping away the natural oils that keep our hair healthy and sleek. Never fear, a few adjustments will soon have your hair back to its superlative swishing state. First things first, before even stepping under the shower, apply an oil-rich leave-in conditioner onto bone dry hair. By doing so, you’ll create a barrier between your hair and the harsh chlorine. Carry on to wash your hair as per normal – but with an educated shampoo choice.

Chlorine forms chemical bonds with your hair that regular shampoos just aren’t tough enough to break, so your hair may start to feel built up. To banish this side effect, explore the wide range of products targeted at swimmers. After all, they’re well versed in dealing with chlorine. If you’re after a more natural remedy, try pouring a concoction of apple cider vinegar and water through shampooed hair.



During the winter months, we all find ourselves turning up the heat in our cars, offices and homes. And while it’s a sure solution for the chills, it does no favours regarding the state of our hair. The dry heat produced by heaters is hugely guilty of causing breakages. The solution is to concentrate on keeping your hair and scalp extremely well moisturised. Silic

one- and sulfate-free hair oils are your barnet’s new best friend, so keep one in your bag and apply whenever you catch a glimpse of your dry, splitting ends. An air humidifier is never a bad idea either. They add moisture back into the air, and in turn, your hair. As a bonus, such humidifiers also help to reduce static electricity, so you can firmly say goodbye to frizz and flyaways.

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