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8 April 2019
A stitch in time

Barbara Lee is synonymous with fashion, especially in Christchurch.

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5 April 2019
The looks of the season

During iD Dunedin Fashion Week, Kate Preece had the opportunity to hear what L’Oreal Makeup Director Lisa Matson had to say about the trends in make-up.

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5 April 2019
Fashion through the ages

Over the decades, fashion trends come and go, some repeat themselves whilst others become timeless staples that we couldn’t imagine our lives and wardrobes without.

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7 March 2019
Dress like a boss

In the right outfit you can conquer the work commute, unruly clients, and the entire world. So, give your working wardrobe the promotion it deserves.

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10 February 2019
Luxury that lasts

Ella James talks all things high quality with Deadly Ponies founder and designer Liam Bowden.

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5 February 2019
Take the time to treat yourself

We’ve been speaking to some of the South Island’s most sumptuous spas to get the low down on their most luxurious signature treatments.

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4 February 2019
A life less ordinary - Trish Peng

Style caught up with Auckland-born-and-raised designer to find out exactly what it is that makes her life a little less than ordinary.

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21 January 2019
The polo is coming to town

The polo is coming town, but just what should one wear?

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19 January 2019
Getting dressed with Bess

Style catches up with BESS, the new brand on the block proving that versatility is king.

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18 December 2018
Dressing for Christmas with Zambesi

For Christmas this year, I’m going to go about dressing as Elisabeth does. I’ll be dressing for myself, regardless of trends and fads because that’s what makes style as timeless as Zambesi, after all.

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