Beauty news August 2018

20 August 2018


Au Natural Skinfood is a new beauty regime that will keep your products fresh and your plastic waste down. The four daily-use products – cleanser, brightening lotion, day serum and night crème – rely on the likes of manuka honey, bee venom and kiwifruit extract to support your skin’s natural health. Start with the free 14-day trial-size ‘discovery’ kit ($14.99 postage), opt in for a starter kit, and then receive refills every eight weeks. It even arrives in a compostable courier bag!



When was the last time you had a clear out of all the makeup and skincare products you never use? Many expire, so will do nothing but waste space. The Arbonne Drawer Detox Challenge is encouraging us to ditch those products – gift unused, unexpired products to family, friends or charity stores; toss any that are not cruelty-free; identify your essential beauty capsule of makeup and skincare and stick to quality over quantity. Share your hard work on Instagram or Facebook, using hashtag #DrawerDetox and tag @ArbonneAUNZ to be in to win a full, conscious, capsule collection of Arbonne products.




Alya Skin has made itself known because it follows through with its claims to brighten and detoxify skin – if you agree with the thousands of reviews via Instagram. The Australian brand was developed by two 22-year-old men, who released the Australian Pink Clay Mask ($54.99) this year, clocking up over $1 million in revenue after just four months. Recently launched in New Zealand, the pink cream has a silky soft texture that makes it lovely to apply, then it sets hard, tightening slightly as it dries. Style verdict? It’s a treat for the skin and could easily become your next addiction. (Plus it’s a great reason to sit still for 10 minutes!)

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