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Working it out: Wine bottles, burlesque and business

When you’re in the business of group fitness and no one can leave home, there’s no choice but to diversify. We talk to Christchurch businesswomen stepping up to the challenge.

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That's entertainment: Podcasts and books

In the second part of this series, Style delved back into the group chat to find out what we've been reading and listening to. With a special contribution from our resident Style children. Missed part […]

Recipe: Rotten Peach Cake

Apparently we've all been busy baking during the past week, with flour in low reserves at the supermarket. So we have this recipe from Kristina Jensen, where different types of flour are called into action.

A night out at the ballet - from your couch

Put on your glad rags, pour yourself some bubbles and sit back on your couch to enjoy a night at the ballet. 

Nostalgia and the binge-worthy: What we are watching

We’ve debated and laid robust counter arguments in our group chat in order to bring you our picks to watch, listen and read during the next few weeks.

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