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Two Simple Steps to help you bounce back from an Easter Binge

Two Simple Steps to help you bounce back from an Easter Binge


Are you feeling guilty and maybe a bit ‘off’ after some extra indulgence during the most recent and often sugar-focused holiday? Thankfully Elly McGuinness gives us some much-needed advice.

Holidays such as Easter will always be part of life and should be enjoyed. You should be able to enjoy a break away from your usual exercise and eating routine at certain times of the year and feel good that you have mindfully planned to do so.
However, with the excellent marketing of tasty treats and perhaps the temporary ceasing of your exercise programme during this period, you might be feeling annoyed or frustrated at yourself for over-indulging. If you’ve gone a bit overboard and need to reset or re-energise your body, then check out these two simple steps to get you back on track.
What has happened in the past has already been and cannot be changed. It is important to be able to find a way to move on from guilty feelings about binging to help prevent other unhealthy behaviours from occurring – for example, binging on exercise to try and make up for it afterwards.
I know it is difficult to put this step into practice just by telling yourself to move on, so here are a couple of tools that can help with acceptance and creating a positive mindset:
•EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This can help to clear disruptions in your energy system caused by negative emotions that you are holding on to – in this case, the feeling of guilt from over indulgence. There are a vast array of resources available to teach you about EFT, or for more serious emotional blockages you can see an EFT practitioner.

•Try a guided meditation podcast focused on self-love and acceptance. First, download a podcast platform (I use ‘Podcast Addict’) and then use keywords to find a meditation podcast. One I recommend is called ‘The Meditation Podcast’ by Jesse and Jeane Stern.

Instead of focusing on things to avoid (e.g. sugar or chocolate) as a way of getting back on track, move away from the deprivation mindset and instead focus on what you can add to your body or life to help you to feel healthier.

•Movement: Get back on track with your fitness after Easter by choosing a form of movement that you enjoy, rather than one you feel like you have to do. Do it with the purpose of enjoying it and feeling more energised rather than a negative mindset that tells you to work off the extra kilogramme or two you have gained.

•Food: Choose foods you enjoy that you know are nutrient dense and nourishing for your body. For example, buy your favourite fruits to snack on during the week. When you focus on optimal nutrition choices from a wide variety of foods your cravings for ‘quick fixes’ will usually decrease.