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The hottest hair colour trends for 2016

The hottest hair colour trends for 2016


Colour has become a specialist art form, knowing where to place highlights and which techniques cost time and money are important factors. With new techniques, hair colour no longer needs to take hours and cost a fortune, a few babylights in your lunch hour can refresh your look. Andrea Hill takes us through the latest trends and how to achieve them.

Balayage: This is great for framing the face and adding glow to your hair. For dark hair, initially, balayage can take some time and cost to get right, as there are 10 lightening phases. If you have lighter hair it’s relatively low cost to maintain.

Babylights: A new technique of applying very fine strands of colour throughout the hair with meches or plastic wrap. It helps the hair look multi dimensional and highlights can boost your colour in a more natural way.

Pastel Hues: These are fun, but the best results show only on very blonde hair. You need to be committed to these colours until they wash out of your hair as they’re very difficult to remove otherwise.

Best Tips For Hair Colour

1. Your eyes are a great place to get inspiration for your hair colour. If your eyes are one colour, for example blue or brown, you will suit a clean, cool or a block colour. If your eyes are blue but have yellow speckles you will suit a slightly warmer blonde. If you have lots of colouration in your eyes, for example hazel eyes, a variation of three different shades of colour would best suit your skin tone

2. For thick hair, less colour is better. Concentrate on colour framing your face or the tips of your hair and use less permanent colour and more colour glosses.

3. Colour maintenance is very important. There are some great colour mousses on the market to maintain the correct tone of your colour as well as adding shine and giving a longer-lasting colour.