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The art of heating

The art of heating


Fireplaces are a key architectural design element to the home and, more than often, the focal point of the room. Gone are the decorative mantels and in their place are bold design statements with angular corners and modern shapes. If you are looking for a fireplace for the living room, office, bedroom or outdoor area, remember you are not only look for a heat source, but the statement to the room. We’ve put together a selection of the most state-of-the-art fireplace designs currently available.

The Inset Fireplace

This creates a clean, modern look to any room, while allowing you to add your own individual style on the hearth and surrounding wall. A large brick effect, as shown here, can create a strong focal point.

The Corner Fireplace
Corner fireplaces add an interesting dimension to a room. These are best suited to small homes, where there is no space for a regular fireplace.

The Hanging Fireplace

These sculptural pieces are as much an investment in art as they are a solution to warmth during the winter months. If your house doesn’t have a fireplace, this is super-stylish heating option.

The Freestanding Fireplace

The freestanding fireplace has taken a futuristic turn. If it’s a statement you are looking for, an ethanol fireplace makes a feature of any space – indoor or out.