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Squid secret ingredient

Squid secret ingredient


Squid is a robust and textured seafood. It requires the correct preparation to ensure it is perfectly cooked, and does not take on that unsavoury rubber-like quality. Andrew Brown shows us the way, with his modern take on a traditional Cantonese dish.

4 squid tubes(or 2 whole squid)
130g cornflour
130g rice flour
¼ tsp chilli powder
1 tsp Szechuan pepper (finely ground)
1 tsp flaky salt
200ml milk
oil for frying

• To prepare the squid: For tubes, cut the tube in half
lengthways and remove cartilage/cuttle bone (thin, clear shard that runs the length of the tube).
Without completely cutting through, score the full length of the squid with lines approximately 5mm apart, on a 45-degree angle.

If using whole squid, cut the tenticles and scrub to remove any of the hard sucker rings. From the tube, remove the beak and cut the triangle tail. Only use the cleaned tenticles and cleaned tube (as per above preparation).

Cut the tubes and tenticles into bite-sized pieces.
• Mix all dry ingredients well.
• Place the squid into the milk (this ensures the dry ingredients stick to the squid).
• Heat the oil to 185°C in a deep fryer.
• Remove the squid from the milk and shake any excess milk, then dredge the squid through the dry ingredients (seasoning).
• Fry small amounts of squid until the coating is crisp. Remove and drain on a paper towel.