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Autumn skincare treatments

Autumn skincare treatments


Skincare expert and facialist Clemency Alice has a passion for beauty and organic skincare. Recently travelling to Paris and Australia to further her knowledge, she shares her secrets.

The transition from summer to autumn can have a major impact on your skin’s overall condition and appearance. If the new season catches you unaware and unprepared, your skin can become very dry, extremely sensitive, lacklustre and more susceptible to breakouts. This is due to the change in oil flow – which was on an all-time high during summer – and the vitality of the ‘skin glow’ waning as cooler temperatures plummet, constricting blood vessels. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your skin stays prepped and primped for the change of season.

Preserve your lipid barrier
If you remove this protective skin barrier through more aggressive methods of over-cleansing and over-exfoliating, then the skin cells aren’t prepared and your skin becomes more vulnerable to the extreme temperatures and external elements of wind, sun and rain. A way to protect and maintain hydration in your skin is through spritzing your face after cleansing with a floral facial mist then locking the moisture in with your favourite facial oil or moisturiser.

Switch moisturisers
Opt for a creamier, rich texture in your moisturiser that has antioxidant, super skin-boosting ingredients. Select moisturisers that contain hyaluronic acid (skin plumping and hydrating), vitamin C (antioxidant and UV-protecting properties), shea butter (moisturising and protecting), and rose (softening, anti-inflammatory, hydrating). And for those with oilier skins, opt for a balancing facial oil with lavender (restorative and calming) and jojoba (balancing to the acid mantle, protecting and anti-inflammatory).

Protect your skin
Just because summer is a distant dream, keep applying a chemical-free SPF daily, and opt for a seperate sun-care product with a minimum of SPF30 rather than relying on sun protection from your foundation.

Inside and out

Beauty and skin health can come from within:
• Ensure you drink plenty of water.
• Drink organic green tea (helps prevent
TEWL – Trans-Epidermal Water Loss).
• Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables.
• Drink green smoothies.
• Boost your intake of essential fatty acids.
• Go for a brisk walk amongst nature to
revive your autumnal ‘glow’.
• Maintain your skin sparkle with restorative
beauty sleep.