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Simple ways to stress less

Simple ways to stress less


Do you want to feel more relaxed but struggle to see how you can create balance in your busy life? Annabelle Matson gives us five simple tips to de-stress our lives.

For many people, busyness and stress is a daily experience. We feel hurried, distracted and weighed down by the obligations and responsibilities of our lives. When we don’t have enough balance, our lives can feel miserable and lack joy and substance. Days and weeks can go by without us ever stopping to take a breath. It can make us feel disconnected from life, disconnected from ourselves and others around us. True health and wellness comes from not only eating well, but also reducing stress and finding a sense of balance and harmony as often as possible. No matter how busy you are it’s possible to create a well-balanced life. Try these five simple strategies to get started.

Create A Morning Routine
Take 30 minutes every morning to ensure you are set up physically, mentally and emotionally for a really great day ahead. When you first get up, physically engage your body by doing a short yoga routine, or 20-30 minutes of exercise. Or try centring yourself with 10 minutes of stillness or meditation. When you create a small morning routine for yourself, you will find you are so much better able to handle the challenges that come your way throughout the day than if you started the day in
a panic.

When we’re stressed, our breathing becomes chesty, which signals to the body we’re in danger. Become mindful of your breathing. Intentionally stop throughout the day and take some deep, diaphragmatic breaths. This is an effective way to let your body know you’re safe. If you can, take 10 minutes to sit or lie on your back and count your breaths, letting go of any thoughts that come in and out of your mind.

Through meditation you find a sense of inner peace and calm and it’s the quickest way to establish more balance in your life. Find a practice that works for you.

Learn to say no
We carry around this unhealthy belief that putting ourselves first is wrong and selfish. But when we do things out of obligation or because we feel we “have to”, we approach these things with a sense of resentment and they create an unnecessary level of stress in our lives.
When faced with a social engagement or request, consider whether this is something that will light you up or bring you down and whether you have the physical or mental energy to be able to commit to it. When you learn to filter things this way, you rid yourself of resentment and obligation and, in turn, bring the best version of you to activities, social occasions, work and your relationships with loved ones.

Take action

Instead of feeling helpless and paralysed by a state of overwhelming pressure, take control by choosing one action that will move you forward. You don’t need to see the end point, just take a small step to create a sense of momentum. This can make a huge difference to how you perceive a situation or circumstance and the momentum instantly pulls you forward.