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Use show homes as a guide

Use show homes as a guide


Christchurch and greater Canterbury have a wide selection of quality show homes that make shopping for your new home a breeze.

Building companies build show homes to demonstrate their workmanship, display innovative design ideas and present a snapshot into a new and luxurious lifestyle, featuring all the latest in materials, fittings and fixtures.

A show home can inspire you in a way nothing else can. You can absorb the ambience they present and admire the innovative techniques, new materials
and technology.

You can ask questions, take notes and compare. You can see at a glance features you would love to emulate or would avoid when building your home.

Best of all, you will see the building company’s attention to detail.

Show homes are the perfect way to get a good idea of pricing, discover good quality and value, learn about superior use of space, future-proofing, ongoing maintenance and long-term returns.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our maps, grab a notepad and pencil and begin the exciting project of building your own home.

There are many things to think about when you’re considering building a new home. Browsing show homes is a fantastic way to get you thinking about practicalities, needs, aesthetics and your wish list! Here are a few considerations to help spark your planning process.

• What is your exterior style? What kind of homes do you like? Look around and take a mental note of what you are drawn to most.

• What kind of exterior materials do you like? Once you’ve worked out the look you like, research what materials are available and find out about their durability.

• How will you use your house? It’s important to most people to have good indoor/outdoor flow and attractive, sheltered outdoor living. Imagine your home in various seasons.

• Landscaping is important. Look around and consider what you like and don’t like. Are you a structured formal garden type or do you like a contemporary native style?

• Sustainability and future-proofing aren’t just buzzwords anymore. It’s very important for your new home to be environmentally friendly. Research insulation requirements, solar hot water heating, ventilation options and new technology to ensure your home will be affordable to run.

• Interior décor is really exciting. This is where show homes can really help you get to know current trends, colours, beautiful furnishings and furniture. Collect home magazines and figure out what you’d love to emulate.

• Also pause to give thought to architectural components inside. Do you like a raised ceiling? What kind of finishing do top homes use and which styles are you are drawn to?

• Heating is also a consideration. Have a look at what show homes are offering.

• Kitchens form the heart of the house. Show homes give you insight into the latest styles, materials and storage facilities available.

• Bathrooms are another big component. They need to be as luxurious as you can make them, so start dreaming…