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Review: Whitford’s restaurant & Bar

Review: Whitford’s restaurant & Bar



The atmosphere of Whitford’s offers the familiar warmth, space and hospitality one would expect from a local community club restaurant.

Situated within the newly refurbished Woolston Club building, Whitford’s has a spacious dining area overlooking the manicured football fields of Garrick Park.

The recently released winter menu is sure to satisfy anyone looking to stave off the cold with a hearty meal. On the brisk winter’s evening when I visited, I was tempted by the vegetable risotto, which was creamy and flavourful thanks to its key ingredient: roasted pumpkin.

As you’d expect from an establishment with no less than five bars on the premises, Whitford’s has an extensive selection of drinks both by the glass and by the bottle, in addition to beer on tap.

Operating under a club licence means the prices are friendly on the wallet, however, you will have to be a club member (or guest) to enjoy those benefits. Signing up is straightforward and can be done on the spot, and having reciprocity with all other clubs in the city, membership is extremely handy.

Since renovations were completed last year, Whitford’s strives to impress with its superb range of culinary offerings, both sweet and savoury. The seasonal menus are tailored to the elements, with heartier dishes served in the colder months.

We couldn’t get enough of the delicious black plum and white chocolate steamed pudding, which our waiter mentioned is the most popular dessert on the menu. I found myself devouring every last crumb from the cappuccino mug in which it was served.

If you’re looking to combat the cabin fever that comes with the long cold nights over the coming months, Whitford’s promises to deliver all that is needed for an exceptional evening out with good company.

For more information: www.woolstonclub.co.nz