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Interview: Angela Stone

Interview: Angela Stone


Fashion stylist Angela Stone speaks to Victoria Tait about her role on reality series, The Real Housewives of Auckland.

In this exclusive interview, we find out a bit more about Angela’s experience as a ‘real’ Auckland housewife.


Could you describe a typical day of filming?

So generally we met up in the mornings, had our hair and makeup done, and went over what we’d be doing that day. Some days the crew would just focus on one or two of us, following us as we went about our day, other days we would all be together. There were, of course, various evening events we all attended as well – parties, launches.

Are you worried about how you will be portrayed to the public?

To a point. I think if you are as real as possible during filming, which I always tried to do, then you don’t give much to be used against you. But, in saying that, the drama was heightened for entertainment purposes, and there is crafty editing to be wary of – so we’ll see!

An American journalist described The Real Housewives shows as “Jerry Springer but with Gucci, false lashes and hair extensions”.Would you say this is true?

I’d say that that’s not totally inaccurate! Although almost all of the Kiwi housewives have hair extensions. Not me though, I’m all real.
What do you think your friends will think of your role in this show? Factual or fictional?
My friends know who I am, and they support me. They know that I am all for being real, so they will know when the show comes into power.

Have you made friends with the other housewives?

Absolutely. Not all of us get along – I’d say there’s probably one housewife that each person isn’t too fond of. Real friendships have been made on the show, and that is one of the best things to come out of it.

What have you learnt about the reality TV world?

It’s more real than consumers would initially think – or at least, the New Zealand version is. You watched the crazy American housewives shows and thought, how can that possibly be natural? Having been on a show myself now, I know that it is less scripted and staged than I first thought.

What has been the biggest challenge with becoming a ‘real housewife’?

Being away from my family and my dog, Versace Stone, more than usual. I love my kids to pieces so having to work my time with them around the show’s schedule was difficult.

What do you hope to achieve by being part of this show?

I went into this seeing it as a fantastic opportunity for my business, to expose my brand to the country. I hope that after seeing the show, I will be able to help empower more New Zealand women with my fashion styling services and teenage girls to be kind to themselves and others.

Who and what drives you?

It may sound silly, but I drive myself. I realised a long time ago that the only person who will always look out for you is you. The only person who can make positive changes in your life is you. Learning to love yourself is the most crucial step to being happy. I’ve always been a motivated person, which is lucky. I believe in meditation as a way of expanding and healing the mind and look to successful and empowering women, like Oprah Winfrey, for inspiration.