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How to make mosaic pavers


You will need:
• Broken china, tiles, etc
• Tile nippers/cutter
• Pencil
• Heavy glue suitable for outdoor mosaics (ask at your
local hardware store). Selleys AllFix has a quick grab which is ideal.
• Concrete Paver
• Grout suitable for outdoor use – colour of your choice
• For method 2 you will need a piece of “Duraseal” the size of your paver

Method 1: Direct mosaic:
This is the easiest technique. Draw your design on your paver with pencil. Keep the design simple. Cut pieces of tile/china. Arrange outlining pieces on paver first and areas of detail using the drawn lines as a guideline. Dab a small amount of glue on each piece and glue into place (tweezers can help place pieces in small spaces). Then fill in the spaces with pieces. Usually the backgroud would be filled in last. Leave to dry at least 24 hours then grout.

Method 2: Indirect Mosaic:
*Used to create a perfectly flat design. NB: Your design will end up in reverse.
Have your design on a piece of paper. Place your duraseal piece sticky side up over design. Peel paper backing and stick broken pieces of tile upside down to fill design… basically you are creating your design upside down. Once the design is filled, apply layer of glue over complete top of paver.
Depending on size of paver, either flip the paver onto the mosaic design or place durasealed design onto of paver and press into place. Leave to dry then carefully pull off duraseal. Grout as per packet instructions.

See https://www.facebook.com/SpinningCandy/ for more information