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How Observant Are You?

How Observant Are You?


Test your observational skills with these questions that will have you focused on Christchurch’s architecture.

WORDS Richard Dalman

Last month I challenged you to look carefully at the buildings around you and consider what the architect was thinking and why the building has been designed a particular way. This month, I have a quiz to highlight and test your observations. You may like to take a walk through the city and find the answers to these questions.

1. Which building on Hills Road has been designed as a “bag of lollies”?
2. Which Victoria Street building was conceived as a ribbon that wraps around and forms an internal courtyard, and contains a Graham Bennett sculpture?
3. Why are the louvres on the Young Hunter building in Victoria Street horizontal to the north and vertical to the west façades?
4. And, still on Victoria Street, which building has been conceptually designed like an erupting volcano?
5. Which Cashel Street building appears to change colour as you move past it along the street?
6. What is the religious significance of the 11 concrete fins on the Colombo Street façade of the new Salvation Army building (currently under construction on the corner of Colombo and Salisbury streets)?
7. Which new Christchurch building features cut-out ceiling panels to create dappled light shadows, and repeats the pattern on the internal concrete walls, reflecting its garden setting? The building was the New Zealand Institute of Architects National Award winner for Public Architecture.
8. What structurally holds up the roof of the Transitional Cathedral? (trick question)
9. Which Christchurch public building interior has been described as such: “The folded form of the ceiling finds its origins in the Southern Alps which are a backdrop, the large timber truss represents the old timber trussed bridges found throughout the South Island, and the organic forms of the café and bespoke seating are found along the coastline as the forest meets the ocean with kelp swaying at the ocean edge.”? Beautiful!
10. What is Christchurch’s best new building and why (no correct answer here, just interested in your views)?

Answers and further comments will be given in next month’s article. To join the discussion, go to Style’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/stylechristchurch