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In past few years there have been many changes to the ways we talk about, shop for and eat food. Victoria Tait breaks down some food trends set to shape 2017.


A new generation is about to lead the way in the food industry. Generation Z has an entirely different relationship with food. Born pre-2000 onwards, this emerging group is more likely to eat fresh, healthy home-cooked meals, and both females and males think that cooking is enjoyable and has a celebrity-like following. They prefer stove-top to microwave cooking and are more intuitive cooks. They are the most ethnically-diverse generation as ethnic foods are the norm. This gives them a natural understanding of many different flavour combinations. Gen Zers are also more financially cautious and demand real value from the foods they consume in and out of the home. With a strong understanding of media and advertising, they also are known not trust brands and demand transparency. Watch this space.


Many of us now are making food decisions based on sustainability; we are much pickier on where and how our foods are made, grown, and packaged. Familiar selections now include cage-free eggs, free-farmed meat, organic coffee beans and fair-trade chocolate (to name a few). The question is what else will we discover in the coming year that we need to take note of and be more educated about when purchasing?



People want more information about food and are receiving it. The issue now, however, is that we are bombarded with too much content and fake food news. For example, the “99% fat-free” label that overlooks the product’s sugar content, which, if not burned quickly, will still turn into fat. Consumers are pushing back from marketing tricks and finding simple ways to understand and read complex food labels. The future is a new foodscape that will be simple and engaging. The next generation of food communication will be in the language of the Millennials and Gen Z, and we know they won’t take it easy on the industry.


shutterstock_256855414We have moved from hot water with lemon to all things coconut, chai and green smoothies, and now turmeric and fermented vegetables. What will the new superfoods be for 2017? The following are starting to make an impact:
Probiotic Water – You can now drink to improve your gut health.
Purple Foods – These are high in antioxidants.
Goat Meat – It’s low in fat and higher in protein and iron than a lot of meats.