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Five minutes with Broods’ Caleb Nott

Five minutes with Broods’ Caleb Nott


Broods is a Nelson-born, brother-sister music duo steadily rising to stardom. Performing on July 14th, this is Christchurch’s chance to experience Georgia Nott (lead vocals) and older brother Caleb Nott (production and backing vocals) on stage. Victoria Tait speaks with Caleb about music, inspiration, and fame.

This brother and sister team have music in their blood. From a young age, Georgia and Caleb Nott performed with their parents at wedding and church performances in an ABBA tribute band. However, it was at the 2011 Smokefreerockquest that their musical career took flight, after gaining the attention of judge Joel Little (producer of Lorde’s 2013 hit single Royals). Two years later, they released debut single Bridges – which MTV described as “a bittersweet synth-pop echo chamber” – and were signed to Capitol Records. Now based in LA, the pair have produced second album Conscious (June 24), and are on tour in New Zealand this month.

How do you describe your music?

In one sentence, I guess I would describe it as beat-driven emotional pop.

What creative process do you go through when songwriting?

We don’t have one particular process or formula that we follow; it’s different every time we go into the studio. Sometimes we will start with just a beat, and then sometimes we start with some of Georgia’s lyrics and build from there. It also depends on who we are writing with and what works for everyone.

What can we expect from your new album?
The biggest difference in this album is the energy. Everything is bigger and more thought-out, hence that name Conscious. Also, it’s more diverse and covers a wide range of themes because it was written over a much longer time frame than Evergreen. We went through different life experiences, and our influences were constantly changing.

Conscious includes a collaboration with Lorde, who I believe has been very supportive of your music. Can you tell us more about that?

Ella was very easy to write with; sometimes you just have those sessions where everyone gels, and that’s when the magic happens. We were just all in Auckland at the same time and thought we should do some writing together, so we did!

What is your impression of the New Zealand music industry? Do you think we are developing a particular style and sound?
The New Zealand music industry is one of the most supportive in the world, I think. Our country goes out there and punches above its weight every year, and I think it’s something that’s only getting stronger. The world is only just starting to feel our presence. With everything being online the world has this access to what we do now.

I don’t think there is a certain New Zealand sound so much as a genuine sincerity in the music we make. There is no bulls**t here, everyone in New Zealand writes about real stuff, none of this “drop it low in da club” crap that has saturated so much of the pop market recently. I think that’s what people find so refreshing about what we do down here.

You have already achieved so much, including opening for Ellie Goulding.
What is your most desired goal?

I think our only goal is to work as hard as we can, and try and keep evolving and developing as writers and performers. Our other main goal when we started this project was longevity, which is a lot harder to achieve these days. You see a lot of bands come and go very quickly; it’s a very competitive industry.

Who inspires you?

Our inspirations are always changing, but we do have some influences that will always stick around. My ongoing inspiration is probably Danger Mouse and Radiohead, and Georgia will always admire Bat for Lashes.