World Buskers Festival

World Buskers Festival

World Buskers Festival



In the 23 years the World Buskers Festival has developed and evolved above and beyond its humble beginnings as a local street performer’s festival.

Since then over 1000 different acts have visited our fair city where they’ve made us laugh til our bellies ached and gasp in awe at their risque and often death-defying feats.

In 2016 there are 67 performers, from 13 nations, with acts that are as diverse as they are entertaining. Local performers and artists from around the world promise to shock, tantalise, and inspire with their eclectic range of talents.

Saucy cabaret and naughty burlesque acts are hotter than ever this summer with the likes of award-winning burlesque performer Perle Noire, who comes to Christchurch from a recent tour of Edinburgh, Brisbane, and Sydney.

The pint-sized powerhouse that is Trixie Little will transport you to a glamorous world of mystery and intrigue. Spectacular costumes paired with her sensual and cheeky striptease and her gravity-defying acrobatics will leave you spellbound.

If you’re looking for something a little left of field, Puppet Fiction has recently wowed audiences in Edinburgh, Perth, Adelaide and Wellington. The first performances in Christchurch, this Tarantinto homage comes with strings attached; if you loved the movie you will love this innovative take performed by marionettes.

Festival Director Glen Pickering offers his top three picks of the festival; 1) The Ongals comprising four insanely hilarious and talented Koreans whose immense talents traverse any language barriers, 2) Beat the Streets group of five of Australia’s top hip hop dancers that Glen promises are “simply mind blowing” and Miss Behave’s Gameshow that Glen guarantees will be “an hour of your life you will want to repeat over and over and over again.”

The ten day Festival kicks off with a free public event on Thursday 14 January at 5pm that includes a variety of street, circus, dance, music and comedy performances.

Peruse the impressive line-up of performers at to see what spins your wheels.