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The British presenter-turned-designer has launched a label of 100-plus pieces including shoes, ready-to-wear and jewellery. Thirty-two-year-old Chung has always likened her look to a young Jean Shrimpton, saying that her style is really boring clothes – the implication being if you look like that, you can wear dowdy
and make it look cool. Her key pieces she has become famous for are loafers, dungarees, cutoff denim shorts and the long mohair cardigan. Chung says of her new label, “With this first collection, I aim not only to delight your eyeballs but to furnish your wardrobe with all of your soon-to-be favourite pieces.” Arguably, one of the biggest influencers on young womenswear over the past decade, her collection is sure to make a big impact on the fashion scene.

A white shirt is a key fashion stable; Witchery OCRF white shirts are much more than just a piece to add to your wardrobe – they’re a gesture of hope and support for those living with ovarian cancer. One hundred per cent of sales of Witchery’s White Shirts (ex. GST) are donated directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in the hope of learning more about the illness. We’ve got our eyes on this classic cotton shirt – paired with leather leggings it’s an essential winter look.

Cover imageWOMEN ON THE GO
We love the latest handbags by New Zealand designer Anna White. Drawing inspiration from contemporary art, architecture and culture, those in the collection are set to become modern classics for women on the go. Anna’s exceptional eye for detail and use of exquisite materials has us eager to see more.

The iconic ’80s Panthère de Cartier watch is back and better than ever. The design is a wildly inventive combination of pink gold and black enamel. An eye catching style that is classically Cartier, the Panthère de Cartier starts at USD$24,900; cartier.com.