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Creating the low bun

Creating the low bun


How to create the ‘it look’ low bun, Sophie Matthews gives us her step-by step guide.

This is a great versatile look that works on hair of any length and texture. By using products, you can change the look and feel of the style from sleek and smooth to a more textured and carefree look.  Add your favourite accessory – a headband, chain or scarf – to complete this glam Hollywood look.

Step 1
On washed dried hair, apply a light spray of a heat-activated texturiser (I recommend Redken Fabricate), dry this into your hair using a blow-dryer. Create a wave in the hair by either using curling irons or straighteners. Thoroughly apply a dry powder finishing spray – Kevin Murphy Doo.Over works well. Then, softly tease the area around
the crown.

Step 2
Place a stretchy headband over the top of your head/hair. The front of the band can either be across the middle of your forehead or across your hairline.

Step 3
Starting from your side hairline, just by your ear, grab a 5cm section of hair. Pull that section up, over and then it under the headband. Tuck the ends of the section of the band to secure it to the head; longer hair may need to wrap around more than once. When hair is all wrapped, you can pull out pieces of hair to loosen the look, if you choose.

Step 4
Pinching the crown area up slightly will give you more volume. Secure with bobby pins where needed, and finish with an extreme hold hairspray. I’ve used, Redken 32 Extreme High Hold Spray.