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Creating perfect brows

Creating perfect brows


Words Victoria Tait

With so many brow shapes and products on the market, it’s easy to get confused. We’ve spoken to the experts and have some essential tips on brow care.


Dark block brows are out. Look for a colour tone that is similar if not lighter than your hair colour. A great tool to use to aid you with this is the interactive online ‘Benefit Brows Explorer’ (visit www. ballantynes.co.nz and click on the Benefit link). Or ask a beauty expert at your preferred beauty counter.


The best way to determine your natural brow shape is to leave your brows unplucked for at least six to eight weeks. Through this, you will achieve a natural brow growth pattern, rather than forcing brows into an unnatural shape. Work with what nature has given you! Shapes include straight, like Natalie Portman, arched like Katy Perry, or rounded like Jennifer Lopez.


Several different techniques and products add depth and denseness to your eyebrows. When filling in brows, remember to use a product that is a touch lighter and more muted than your brow hair colour to achieve a natural look.

Pencils – Choose one with a very fine tip in order to create small strokes that mimic actual hairs, to keep the look as natural as possible.
Brush and powder – use these to produce a slightly heavier look, which you can combat by working the product into your brows with a brush.
Brow Markers – These offer maximum impact and are ideal for reconstructing shape.

Finishing Touches

Brow gels are a must for thinner brows as they amplify the texture and make them appear thicker. If you have thick unruly brows, a gel is all you need to define your shape. Highlight under your brow to lift it and enhance all that hard work. Make sure you choose a product you are comfortable with. If you’re a beginner, start with a simple product such as Benefit Goof Proof and build towards the more advanced products.