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Beauty secrets for flawless skin

Beauty secrets for flawless skin


Ensure your tray table is folded away, your seat back is upright and your moisture is at the ready. Clemency Alice gives us her top in-flight beauty tips to ensure you glow before, during and after your winter escape.

It might be time to escape the winter and jetset to an exotic destination, however, as you will know, flying can be very dehydrating and really take a toll on your skin. Therefore it’s important to put in that extra effort to ensure your skin looks fresh, glowing and rested on arrival at your destination.

Top tips for flawless skinpost-flight
Take a chlorophyll supplement during the flight. This increases oxygenation of skin cells and its alkalising and antioxidant properties assist in preventing damage to the DNA.

For a pop of colour and instant dewy radiance, dab on a skin-hydrating concealer and lip and cheek stain. My go-to makeup travel brand is the organic, exclusive, New York-based luxury line RMS Beauty (available nationwide at Mecca Cosmetica).

Soak your skin using a soft cloth, spritz your skin with a refreshing floral mist, then lock in the moisture with a rose fresh gel serum (opt for serums containing plant-based hyaluronic acid). Then massage your favourite moisturiser or facial oil into the skin using invigorating, stimulating movements.

Pack your favourite small bottle of perfume and dab onto pulse points. This sensory ‘pick-me-up’ will keep you smelling fragrant and fresh.

Hydrate from within. Drink refreshing coconut water before you travel. The antioxidants and cytokinins (promote cell division) in coconut water have a hydrating, anti-ageing effect on the skin. During those long-haul flights, keep up your water intake to maintain a healthy radiant glow.
A lavender-scented eye-mask makes a perfect in-flight accessory to ensure you get your beauty sleep along the way.

Spritz your skin with a floral mist. This in-flight accessory will provide an instant ‘lift’ to the senses plus will keep your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Keep moving. If your flight is in the afternoon, schedule in some time for a revitalising, energetic walk outdoors amongst nature before you take to the skies. For those early morning flights, practise an online Ballet Beautiful cardio class to awaken the body and give your skin a luminescent glow.

Before landing, give your skin a luminous sheen with a creamy mineral-rich luminiser. Try RMS Beauty Living Luminiser or Ilia Beauty’s Polka Dots and Moonbeams.