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Redecorating you bach? Follow Davina Richards’ six inspirational design ideas. 

Living in New Zealand means we can turn every stunning view of the landscape into our very own slice of paradise. If you own a bach by the beach, nestled in among mountains, perched by a lake or in the woods, we have an interior theme that will mimic your surroundings and transport you and your family to a home away from home, where memories can be made.

French Country (2)
French country

Drapery, upholstered fabrics and a warm charm; French country has an old-world elegance mixed with contemporary design through texture and eclectic modern pieces. Chalky and quiet hues on the walls create a soft feel, while decoration, art and furniture adds colour. Burnished bronze and antique brass, tufted sofa or chaise longue, elegant freestanding porcelain tub, whitewashed wood furniture, oversized antique mirrors and wrought iron are some of the trademark features.

Scandinavian design has got everyone going gaga in the last few years. Scandi interiors are on-trend, Scandinavianthoughtful and creative, and you only need to look at retail spaces and boutique market stalls to see that almost everyone has adopted the distinct style. Timber and white is a simple ‘rule’, while furniture and art take the stage. Add objects of desire in the form of marble, leather, geometric patterns, pastel colours, tiles and the hottest metal around – copper, and choose furniture with smooth, round edges and practical storage. If you’re going for the popular monochrome theme, opt for a supersized Helvetica calendar, graphic artwork, and cacti and succulents for colour and decoration.

The industrial look summons images of cold, hard surfaces, dark colours, concrete and metals – not exactly warm and welcoming at first thought. However, the key is to soften a somewhat harsh look using wood elements, ceramics and soft furnishings for contrast. Embrace raw elements, such as weathered wood surfaces or scratched paintwork on wood, exposed bricks, bare concrete and exposed piping of copper, brass or polished nickel in the form of tubes and brackets. Edison-style bulbs, army blanket cushions and blankets complement the “unfinished” look.

A contemporary rustic interior suits a rural setting and all you need to perfect the look is to incorporate
textile traditions and natural materials into your little home away from home. Earthy colours ensure the space is fresh and light when contrasted with other materials, including weathered wood, distressed metals, vintage pieces and handmade items, such as quilts or embroidery. If your bach is graced with wooden beams, columns and hardwood or stone flooring, you already possess some of the natural beauty that is unpretentious, warm and organic.

Eclectic Eclectic
If matching furniture brings a tear to your eye then the eclectic style is for you. Easy to love, but tricky to achieve; you need to think carefully about which styles, fabrics and art items you want to use to avoid the “randomly thrown together” look. Experiment but be methodical when you mix and match for a curated style that brings the room together. Keep walls, windows and floors simple and choose one colour as your room’s focal point. Find a rhythm through the use of colour, finishes and shapes. Mix shiny surfaces with matte; smooth fabrics with rough; and bold patterns with quiet designs.

Many people love the casual and relaxed beach living defined by the Hamptons style, and it’s easy to recreate the look in a bach by the beach. To achieve a relaxed aesthetic, start with warm white walls or coastal-inspired neutrals to create a clean, bright and breezy feel. Mix items with texture for a luxurious and comfortable look and use colours from the same palette. White cabinets, hardwood floors, unvarnished wooden frames, wicker furniture, jute rugs and baskets reinforce that coastal-living feel.