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A Smarter Space: Technology at Home

We are surrounded by technology: we get our daily news fix from an app on our phone, we shop online, even homework is completed via a smart system. So, how does this translate into the home? Luci Morris takes a look. In the home, technology is found everywhere we look: from the state-of-the-art appliances in […]

Inside Word April/May

FIND Always wanted a personal trainer at the click of a finger? New gym 9Round makes it possible to work out whenever you want, under the guidance of a personal trainer, every time. The concept is a 30-minute kickboxing fitness class, the difference is a new circuit starts every three minutes. Get your hit at […]

Arrowtown’s Season to Celebrate

Christine de Felice explores the beauty of Arrowtown in autumn. Blending the history of its former gold-rush days and the spectacular beauty of its Remarkables mountain backdrop together with quirky style and sophistication, Arrowtown is the perfect getaway destination any time of the year… but especially in autumn. In this mellow season the charming, tree-lined […]

The Art of the Sublime

Inspired by local landscapes, painter Simon Edwards creates artworks that overwhelm the senses. Words: Anne Hudson Simon Edwards is a regular contributor to Art in A Garden and it is there that I first saw his beautiful paintings. They stand out in their execution of an atmospheric landscape, familiar to most New Zealanders even if unable […]

Fashion News April

AN ’80s REVIVAL For an era so often referred to as bad taste, the 1980s still manage to assert heavy influence on present-day fashion. Only recently the spotlight has been turned back on Princess Diana with an exhibition, Her Fashion Story, on show at Kensington Palace until February 2018. It seems we just can’t get […]

Two Simple Steps to help you bounce back from an Easter Binge

Are you feeling guilty and maybe a bit ‘off’ after some extra indulgence during the most recent and often sugar-focused holiday? Thankfully Elly McGuinness gives us some much-needed advice. Holidays such as Easter will always be part of life and should be enjoyed. You should be able to enjoy a break away from your usual […]

The Hunt for the Million-Dollar Eggs

Some are worth millions; others have been lost for decades. Victoria Tait takes a look at the incredible history of the Fabergé eggs. Highly-regarded pieces of decorative art, Fabergé eggs were created by Peter Carl Fabergé, of the House of Fabergé, between 1885 and 1917. The eggs were made in Russia and usually contained a […]

For the Love of Fashion

With Superette’s 15th birthday celebration this month, Victoria Tait speaks with part-owner and founder Rickie Dee about the inspiration for the store and what inspires her this season. What was the initial concept behind Superette? At the age of 21, both James [Rigden] and I wanted to work for ourselves and do something we had […]