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Fashion News

ALEXA CHUNG RELEASES A NEW FASHION LABEL The British presenter-turned-designer has launched a label of 100-plus pieces including shoes, ready-to-wear and jewellery. Thirty-two-year-old Chung has always likened her look to a young Jean Shrimpton, saying that her style is really boring clothes – the implication being if you look like that, you can wear dowdy […]

Perfectly Formed

Down a long driveway in Merivale, Luci Morris discovers a home of hidden depths and beautiful details. Photography: Charlie Jackson Finding the ideal place to call home can be a challenge, and for these homeowners the decision to build meant not having to compromise on their wants. “You know when you find what you are looking for, and we […]

Christchurch’s Best Recent Building?

Architect Richard Dalman gives us his insight into Christchurch’s best post-quake buildings. So, what is Christchurch’s best new building post the earthquakes? Is it the Transitional Cathedral, ilex in the Botanic Gardens, the Bus Exchange, the Deloitte’s Building, or even the Fridge Library? While all of the above buildings add to the Christchurch architectural environment, […]

What the Architect Was Thinking – Maybe!

Richard Dalman gives us the answers to last month’s quiz and a further insight into Christchurch architecture.  Did you take up my challenge last month and test your observational skills of Christchurch’s architecture? The design of many buildings are inspired by their location, sense of purpose or clever ideas – let’s check how many answers […]

What’s Your Style?

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a space in which your style and design tastes should shine through. Luci Morris explores the most popular kitchen styles out there.  The kitchen is the most utilised space in the home and while functionality is essential to its success, it is also important that it […]

Simply Beautiful

Standing pride of place on its corner site, this design was all about reimagining the traditional family home. Words: Luci Morris Photography: Charlie Jackson   While at its essence architecture is about providing shelter, warmth and a functional living space, it is also about eliciting a response. Driven by the ethos that architecture should be ‘visually […]

How Observant Are You?

Test your observational skills with these questions that will have you focused on Christchurch’s architecture. WORDS Richard Dalman Last month I challenged you to look carefully at the buildings around you and consider what the architect was thinking and why the building has been designed a particular way. This month, I have a quiz to […]

What Was the Architect Thinking?

Richard Dalman gives Cantabrians an architectural challenge for the holidays. When we see and experience a building we are often moved positively or negatively, and sometimes we just don’t know what to think: “I love it”, “I hate it”, “what was the architect thinking?” Buildings have the ability to create an emotional response. Often this […]

A Promise of Connection

This 2016 Architectural Design Award-winning home was an exercise in redemption through creative cooperation. Words Davina Richards Collaboration was key to designing an architectural home that replaced an existing house lost to the 2010/2011 earthquakes. Cymon Allfrey and Don Roy of Cymon Allfrey Architecture in Christchurch were the two creative minds behind the ‘Bradnor Road’ […]