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50 Shades of Green

50 Shades of Green


How to incorporate the 2017 Pantone colour of the year into your interiors. WORDS Victoria Tait

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Greenery’ has been named the Pantone colour of the year for 2017. While the exact colour selected is a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade” we see all colours of green as beautiful, certainly on trend, and likely to appear in many homes in the coming 12 months. The colour is thought to bring balance and harmony to its surroundings and, aside from the psychological connection to the outdoors, it’s a great colour to pair with others.

Five ways to incorporate green in to your interior

1. Create an accent wall
The easiest way to add a bold colour to an interior is with paint. The best option is to paint one accent wall. There are a number of ways to create this look, depending on the overall style you wish to achieve. We love this look, where the dramatic green accent wall contrasts with the wooden floor and the mirrored sculpture reflects light.

Style Tips
Use green furniture in the room to create a layering effect of materials in different shades of green.
– Paint beyond the edges of the accent wall, as well as over the windowsills and doors to create a more dramatic effect.
– Different materials, such as wallpaper, will add a great deal of texture
to a room.

Green Celiing2. Add green for a quick interior design makeover
If you prefer a neutral palette on your walls then there are many other ways to inject green into your décor. Just as with an accent wall, you can achieve a focal point by creating a section of bold green furniture or a collage of green art on the wall. Or simply use green to create a point of interest within a natural room.

Style Tips
– Consider using a whole variety of shades, from dark to light.
– Soft greens go beautifully with greys and beiges.
– Drapes are another way to add instant colour and texture.

3. Make a statement with green tiles
Titles can add texture and create interest in so many spaces within the home. When choosing a tile, go beyond your favourite shade and think pattern and formation, too.

Style Tips
– Even solid green tiles can create interest; it’s all about the grout lines.
– Play with shades. This is something hard to achieve with other materials, but by mixing up the glazing of the tiles you can create a dynamic effect.
– A green tiled backsplash will add an instant update to your kitchen.

4. Green up your interior naturally
By having plants scattered or grouped in your home, you can achieve a tranquil greenhouse effect. The best placements are near a window in a very traditional format or in a more modern vertical wall planting.

Style Tips
– Think outside the box and go even higher and suspend your plants from the ceiling.
– Create an indoor living wall, this can be done with either natural or fake plants and will create a striking feature.

5. Incorporate the ceiling
Sometimes the best place to put a colour on is the ceiling, taking an entire room from basic to brilliant.

Style Tips
– If you want to incorporate a pattern opt for wallpaper over paint.
– Adding green lightshades can have an effective yet less dramatic effect.
– As mentioned, hanging plants from the ceiling will create natural interest.